Kẹo của quỷ

The Devil's Candy (2017)
Thể loại:
Kinh Dị
Quốc gia:
Âu Mỹ
Đạo diễn:
Sean Byrne
Diễn viên:
Ethan Embry, Jesse Hellman, Shiri Appleby, Astrid Hellman, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Ray Smilie, Kiara GlascoZooey HellmanTony AmendolaLeonard, Leland Orser, Preacher, Oryan West, Deputy Hernandez, Marco PerellaSgt. Investigator Davis, Mylinda Royer, Deputy Winnie, Ash Thapliyal, Gas Station Clerk
Thời lượng:
79 phút
Năm phát hành:
Đăng bởi:
Thành viên
10 / 10 lượt
Thông tin phim
Kẹo của quỷ

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The Devil's Candy HD : Phim Kẹo của quỷ
Metal music, wet paint, and family are the passions of Jesse, a struggling painter who lives a happy life with his wife, Astrid, and their preteen daughter, Zooey. And things look even brighter when Jesse and Astrid are able to put in a bid on their dream home - a huge property in rural Texas with a barn big enough for a proper art studio - after the price is driven down due to the home's mysterious past. After the trio moves in, Jesse's work starts taking on a new, considerably darker flavour - and things get even more ominous when Ray, the hulking, clearly unbalanced son of the deceased former owners, appears on the doorstep one night, clutching a red electric guitar and asking to "return home." It soon becomes clear that Ray and Jesse are both being influenced by the same satanic forces, and that Jesse's family won't be safe until they find a way to quiet the Devil himself. Phimcoi net: Chúc bạn xem phim Kẹo của quỷ vui vẽ và đừng quên xem tiếp phim mới nữa nhá!

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